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Leakproof Lounge Dress

Leakproof Lounge Dress

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Meet the do-it-all dress you'll want to live in 24/7.

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Get to know the Leakproof Lounge Dress


• Washable, removable nursing pads stay in place without a bra

• Super-soft bamboo fabric that's OEKO-TEX® certified – meaning it's safe for you and your baby

• Extra-stretchy chest panels for easy nursing access

• Pockets for stashing pacifiers, a phone and other new-mom essentials

• Plus, it's designed to flatter your figure and grow with you from pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond

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What's included

• Leakproof Lounge Dress

• One set of Leakproof Nursing Pads

• Mesh delicates bag for washing

"This is by far the softest and most well thought out nursing dress for moms."

- Alyssa M. -

  • Built-in absorbent nursing pads

  • Super-soft bamboo fabric

  • Handy pockets for must-haves

  • Washer and dryer friendly

Customer Reviews

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Alyssa M.
I wish this was around 3 years ago!

I’ve spent the last four months loving this nursing dress! This is by far the softest and well thought out nursing dresses for moms. I will definitely be adding this to my baby shower must haves for new moms.

Taylor N

As s a third time C-section mom, I know the hospital stay can be full of major discomfort and forced toplessness. I spent the ENTIRE time in this Lounge Dress... I was able to nurse easily without being completely exposed, looked decent enough to walk the halls and snap some photos with baby when I was ready and could maneuver into my clothes myself. I bought extra pads which not only help with leaking milk but protecting your dress from any balm or ointments you're using in the beginning for nipple pain! An awesome shower gift for first AND repeat moms that they may not necessarily think to get themselves.

Finally, a cute and functional nursing sleep dress!

As a third-time mom, I've worn my fair share of old, oversized t-shirts to bed that end up covered in leaky breastmilk by morning. But no more! Enter Mamalux's leakproof sleep dress. I finally feel put together at night and not like a cow. The dress is super soft and comfy. The leakproof pads hold up through the night. And it's super easy to nurse in. Love the pink color. Thanks Mamalux!

Ashley Polak
Great sleepwear

Very comfortable! I hate wearing anything to bed but I have been leaking and I can’t stand bras so I wanted to try this out and it works very well. I haven’t leaked onto the sheets since purchasing it and it is comfortable enough that I don’t feel constricted and I can sleep with it on. If you have larger breasts, I would size up from your normal dress size. I purchased the L and could have used the XL, but it was sold out and I wanted to try it sooner so I bought the L. It fits well enough though. I love that it has pockets. I like that it comes with a little wash bag for the removable breast pads. The breast pads are held on with velcro and stay in place well. Very happy with that dress

Nicole Migliazza
Exactly what I was looking for!

I'm so happy with this lounge dress. It's comfy, has pockets, and perfect for my growing belly. I also personally think the cross front is much easier for nursing than other designs, so I know it'll be the perfect postpartum nightgown. Plus, I'm very excited that I won't have to wear a bra to sleep!