The 24/7 breastfeeding dress

  • Luxe bamboo fabric

    Only the best for you and your baby.

  • Built-in padding

    Three layers of leakproof, bra-free perfection.

  • Washer and dryer friendly

    We're here to make things as easy as possible.

"I love this dress so much I haven't taken it off in two days."


The moms have spoken.

I’ve spent the last four months loving this nursing dress! This is by far the softest and most well thought out nursing dress for moms. I will definitely be adding this to my baby shower must haves for new moms.

Alyssa M

Very comfortable! I hate wearing anything to bed but I have been leaking and I can’t stand bras so I wanted to try this out and it works very well. I haven’t leaked onto the sheets since purchasing it and it is comfortable enough that I don’t feel constricted and I can sleep with it on.

Ashley P

As a third time C-section mom, I know the hospital stay can be full of major discomfort and forced toplessness. I spent the ENTIRE time in this Lounge Dress.

Taylor N

I’m completely blown away by not only how soft and comfortable and soft the fabric is, but how confident I am in a leak proof night! It’s cute, comes in multiple colors, and I feel safe Having this different material against my skin instead of feeling itchy or too hot. I have two already!


Wear it 24/7: Around town or in bed