because the postpartum experience should be a little less... wet
Built-In Nursing Pads

our first-of-its-kind, three-layer design is moisture-wicking, ultra-absorbent and leakproof

24/7 breastfeeding access

extra-stretchy panels for easy nursing/pumping access and who-cares-what-bra-size-I-am fit

luxe, washable bamboo

super-soft bamboo fabric, plus removable nursing pads are easy to wash and dry

meet your must-haves

the proof is in the pad

Our best-selling postpartum dress and tank top include built-in nursing pads, made with first-of-its kind, triple-layer design. The first layer wicks moisture from your skin, the middle layer is super-absorbent, and the last layer makes sure no leaks get through. The pads stay in place with no bra, and easily remove for washing.

Removable nursing pads for breastfeeding dress - Mamalux
“New mom fashion at its finest and most functional ” – Motherly