Mamalux’s mission is to modernize the postpartum experience by providing innovative, stylish, and luxe-but-comfortable clothing and accessories for the earliest parts of parenthood. 

The blood, sweat, and leaky milk behind Mamalux

Founder Lindsay Stuart had her first child in 2018 (after traumatic C-section) and never knew breastfeeding would be so…wet.  Every morning, she woke up with soaked sheets and dreaded the pad-stuffed nursing bra required to stay dry at night. The postpartum “ick” only added insult to injury (literally). 

“There has to be a better way,” she thought. She decided to take her unique experience in sports journalism and umbrella sales to invent the best-ever leakproof, moisture-wicking postpartum clothing. That’s when Mamalux’s first product, the 24/7 Leakproof Lounge Dress, was born.

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