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the proof is in the pad

Our best-selling postpartum dress and tank top all includes built-in nursing pads, made with first-of-its kind, triple-layer design. The first layer wicks moisture from your skin, while the middle layer is super-absorbent and the top layer makes sure no leaks get through. The pads stay in place with no bra, and easily remove for washing.

Removable nursing pads for breastfeeding dress - Mamalux

It's called 24/7 for a reason

  • Go from bed to bank errands — just throw on a jean jacket!
  • No bra necessary (thanks to stay-put padding)
  • Large, stretchy pockets for phones (or bottles...)
  • Top-quality fabric holds up wash after wash
“New mom fashion at its finest (and most functional)” – Motherly

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Sarah K.
Love it!

I was hoping for this postpartum to have clothing that was comfortable, practical, and helped me to feel beautiful at a time when it’s SO easy to feel anything but (you’re a mom…you know…so many fluids, so little sleep 🤪). This piece totally delivered!

I hate sleeping in bras—uncomfortable and totally asking for a clogged milk duct. And nursing tanks I’ve tried in the past felt too synthetic, they rolled up over my belly (#1 way to make me feel like a whale) and just weren’t it. I love the fabric and the look & feel and the pockets!! It’s amazing. I haven’t had my baby yet but I’m so excited to have this to wear. I even tried it on and lay down to do the boob shift test, and they were locked and protected by the nursing pads! Win!

Lindsay J.
Love it!

I’m living in these dresses postpartum. Cute for around the house and out and about.

Jennifer L.
It has pockets!

I am writing this review while wearing my dress. It arrived smelling a bit of manufacturing chemicals so did need a wash, but after the wash has been a joy to wear. Very creative way to get the breast pads to stick to the dress and it makes me want to buy more of their breastpads (because these chest-ornaments *leak*. I can confirm that the Medela disposable breast pads also stick to the dress's breastpad area.

Ashley Q.

I haven't had a chance to put this dress up against real battle conditions (I'm not due for another few weeks), but I'm impressed with the fit and feel of this dress. It's soft, the pockets are great, it has easy breastfeeding access, and (shocking when you feel as big as a house) it fits comfortably. For reference, I was a sz 20 before pregnancy and I bought a size XXL of this lounge dress. If you entered pregnancy plus-sized, you know how hard it is to find maternity clothes. This is great. I will probably buy more.

Regina A.
Soooooo comfy!

These gowns are everything. The weight and feel are both to die for. Still pregnant but can only imagine how much more I'll appreciate them once baby is here.

My only complaint is the breast pad attachment design. The way it's sewn/designed makes the dress pucker in a big circle around the breast. Not a big deal since they'll only be worn in the house, but seems like it would be an easy fix for the future.